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The U.S. Department of the Interior supervises selection to the National Register of Historic Places. To qualify, a building must be at least 50 years old and have played a historic role in a community or demostrate a unique architectural style.

The photograph is of the old Grand Theatre in Thibodaux, taken in the 1940s. The theater, on the corner of West Fourth and Green streets, was a focal point for the community in its heyday. The theater was torn down in the summer of 1995 to make way for a parking lot.

Sites in the Bayou Lafourche area on the National Register of Historic Places, and the date they were placed on the Register are:

Lafourche Parish

Edward Douglass White House2295 St. Mary St.ThibodauxDec. 8, 1976
St. John's Episcopal Church and Cemetery702 Jackson St.ThibodauxSept. 13, 1977
Laurel Valley Sugar Plantation595 La. 308ThibodauxMarch 24, 1978
Dansereau House506 St. Philip St. ThibodauxNov. 21, 1978
Lafourche Parish Courthouse200 Green St. ThibodauxAug. 21, 1979
Rienzi Plantation HouseLa. 308ThibodauxMay 31, 1980
Chatchie Plantation HouseLa. 308ThibodauxOct. 25, 1982
Jean Baptiste Thibodaux HouseLa. 308RacelandNov. 2, 1982
Bouverans Plantation HouseLa. 1LockportJuly 21, 1983
Oil and Gas Building206 Green St.ThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
Breaux House401 Patriot St.ThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
KTIB Radio Building108 Green St.ThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
Citizens Bank of Lafourche413 W. Fourth St.ThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
Grand Theatre (Demolished June 1995)401 Green St.ThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
Lamartina Building704 W. Third ThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
McCulla House422 E. First St.ThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
Percy-Lobdell Building314 St. Mary St. ThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
Riviere Building405 W. ThirdThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
Riviere House208 Canal Blvd.ThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
Robichaux House322 E. Second St. ThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
St. Joseph's Co-Cathedral and Rectory721 Canal Blvd.ThibodauxMarch 5, 1986
McCulla House103 W. ThirdThibodauxApril 29, 1986
Peltier House403 Canal Blvd.ThibodauxApril 29, 1986
Acadia Plantation918 E. First St.ThibodauxMay 29, 1987
Zephirin Toups House1045 Bayou Blue By-Pass RoadThibodaux Aug. 12, 1993
Bank of Lockport111 Barataria St.LockportMar. 30, 1995
Merchants and Planters Bank110 Main St.LockportMar. 30, 1995
Ledet House2117 La. 308RacelandMay 23, 1997
Golden Meadow High School630 S. Bayou DriveGolden MeadowNov. 23, 1998
Nicholls State University Elkins Hall901 La. 1 EastThibodauxFeb. 12, 1999
Bayou Boeuf Elementary School4138 La. 307ThibodauxFeb. 25, 2004

Assumption Parish

Christ Episcopal ChurchLa. 1NapoleonvilleMay 2, 1977
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryLa. 308PlattenvilleMay 8, 1979
St. Elizabeth Catholic Church119 La. 403PaincourtvilleMarch 24, 1983
Madewood Plantation House4250 La. 308NapoleonvilleMay 4, 1983
St. Philomena Church and Rectory118 Convent St.LabadievilleSept. 27, 1983
Assumption Parish Courthouse4809 La. 1NapoleonvilleFeb. 14, 1997
Belle AllianceLa. 308DonaldsonvilleNov. 23, 1998
St. Anne Catholic Church417 St. Joseph Street NapoleonvilleMay 10, 2001

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